Proven Success

Where Excellence is Expected

At Butler Texas Longhorns we focus on raising top-quality registered Longhorn cattle. We pay distinct attention to color, face, structural correctness, horn shape, horn length, and a cow’s ability to stay in good shape. We view a cow with excellent conformation as one that raises a fat calf annually on a predominantly grass diet, and we judge our cattle greatly by the quality of the calves they raise. These qualities are what set our breed apart, and we are excited to share the future of our herd with you.

Family Owned

The Butlers

It has been a life long dream to start a family ranch that can be passed down for generations. Starting out on a small hobby farm for a few years as a child, it wasn’t far into adulthood that I found a way into ranching ourselves. Starting out with small farm animals, we dove into horses and commercial cattle in a jiffy but there was just something missing. Stumbling into the registered Longhorns next seemed to have sealed the deal as we went from two to forty in a year and a half spending more for one than I ever thought I’d do. This is when we knew that Texas Longhorn cattle were where we wanted to be and what we wanted to represent. We look forward to preserving the breed and only raising the best. Thanks for being apart of Butler Texas Longhorns where quality is who we are.

Buster Butler

Thalia Douglas