Proven Predictable Genetics



Traditional Texas Longhorn Cattle

We strive to maintain a herd of quality cattle that are both a joy to own and profitable to manage. We would love to help you start your Texas Longhorn breeding journey, add a productive cow to your existing herd or just throw a little color in your pasture. We are proud of our cattle’s proven genetics with consistent excellent dispositions.

The Cattle

Our Texas Longhorn Herd


Our bulls center around the focus of being “the complete animal.” We pride ourselves in raising and maintaining herd sires with proven production qualities. The impressive structure of our bulls are second to none.


At Butler Texas Longhorns, we focus on raising consistent and predictable conformation with superior genetics in our registered longhorn cattle. Excellence is expected, and never by accident.


Each of our heifers has the potential to be the next class winneror top-producer in your herd. We are excited about the future of our heifers as we continue to focus on the qualities that make longhorns so special.
From the Ranch

"Breeding Longhorns is a passion. It is a way of life. It reflects who we are and where we want to be."

Buster Butler